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An original sightseeing circuit for those who love beautiful gardens!

Right across the wonderful landscape of the Loire Valley, the Sologne and the Berry, seven parks and gardens and two iris producers have joined forces to create a ‘floral circuit’ to discover the world of the iris, whose flowers offer a virtually infinite range of colour combinations...

During May, sandwiched between the tulip and the rose flowering seasons, you can discover a whole range of irises including new varieties, planted up for presentation at the nurseries of two local world-renowned iris producers: Mr Bourdillon and Mr Cayeux. Hundreds of varieties spread across several acres creating an explosion of colours and fragrances !

The 7 participating Parks and Gardens, most of which having earned the quality label « Jardin Remarquable », display large and professionnally managed collections of irises, allowing you to see them at their best, set against a verdant backdrop and sometimes mingled with other plants. A true inspiration for the gardener !

Between Orleans and Nevers, the Route d’Iris can be completed in 2, or 3 or 4 days, according to how many of the sites you choose to visit.

Depending on the weather, the peak flowering period for tall bearded irises is usually the second half of May: don’t hesitate to contact the producers from the end of April onwards to check the best period for you to set off on your Route d’Iris adventure in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France and work out your route.



Visitors paying an entrance fee to several parks and gardens will be entitled to a gift of iris given by one of the producers: Bourdillon Nursery or Cayeux Nursery.
You need to have your flyer (or its copy) stamped on the address of the park or garden you visit, on your way in.
Between 2nd May and 2nd June, if you have 2 stamps, you will receive the gift iris from one of the nurseries (where entrance is free).
If you have 4 or more stamps, you will receive 2 gift irises.
NB: these irises will only be available at the nurseries; (dispatches will not be possible)


As of March 17th, 2020 the National Confinement presently concerns all sites members of our Route des Iris and they will remain closed until this confinement is lifted. We are so sorry. However, we can hope that it will be possible to visit the Route in the second half of May which generally is the peak of the flowering season for irises. Before setting out to visit the Route, make sure you call the sites ahead of time to make sure they are open to visitors!